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Author:ai face recognition    anti money laundering and know your customer

Keywords:aml in cryptocurrency,    limits of aml regulations include,    onfido document verification,    pii database,    purpose of customer due diligence,  video KYC


Making biometric system more secure using Liveness Detection
In this research, we propose a novel method to determine fingerprint liveness to improve the discriminative behavior and classification accuracy of the combined features. This approach detects if a fingerprint is from a live or fake source. In this approach, fingerprint images are analyzed in the differential excitation (DE) component and the centralized binary pattern (CBP) component, which yield the DE image and CBP image, respectively. The images obtained are used to generate a two-dimensional histogram that is subsequently used as a feature vector. To decide if a fingerprint image is from a live or fake source, the feature vector is processed using support vector machine (SVM) classifiers. To evaluate the performance of the proposed method and compare it to existing approaches, we conducted experiments using the datasets from the 2011 and 2015 Liveness Detection Competition (LivDet), collected from four sensors. The results show that the proposed method gave comparable or even better results and further prove that methods derived from combination of features provide a better performance than existing methods.
The use of biometric technology is one of the newest solutions in the Polish banking sector, but all over the world financial institutions have been utilizing biometrics at ATMs and for online banking for many years. In Poland several banks are currently working on the implementation of biometric technologies. These activities are supported by the Polish Bank Association together with its Biometrics Group. In Poland, the cooperative banks are the first one and most advanced in this respect with part of its ATMs equipped with this technology. The aim of this article is to present biometric solutions, on one hand, as safe and effective solutions applied in the management of ATM, bank branch and internet transactions, and, on the other hand, as a challenge facing banks which requires organizational preparation and society's belief in the new technology.

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