[10-18]id check online-solutions to identity theft

Digitalization and Disruption in the Financial Sector


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Liveness detection method and device, and identity authentication method and device
Marine ecosystem is a large and complex and changeable system; especially in the context of the rapid development of marine economy, the changes of marine ecological environment system have a great impact on the development of human and marine utilization. Biometrics is a recognition technology based on biological inherent physiological and action characteristics. In recent years, the coastal biometric technology has made great progress. In order to make bioassay practical from theoretical research, many scientific research institutions need to break through a series of important technologies to solve. Modern logistics is a new industry in China. So far, there is no regulation and accounting system of financial management of modern logistics enterprises. In order to meet the needs of financial accounting in accounting, the theoretical research and practical discussion on the method of calculating logistics enterprise cost are not enough. Logistics research field is devoted to the direction of logistics management, but only carries out the accounting treatment of logistics cost scattered, stays at the research level of the method of providing cost information for logistics cost management, and can not provide the theoretical basis and practical guide for logistics enterprises to calculate the external financial reporting cost. Therefore, according to their understanding of the concept of logistics cost, each logistics enterprise uses traditional cost calculation method to calculate the cost of enterprises. Due to the lack of rigorous cost calculation and the limitation of previous cost calculation methods, the cost information of logistics enterprises is lack of accuracy and comparative possibility. The paper puts forward the cost calculation method suitable for logistics enterprises, establishes a unified accounting cost calculation system suitable for Chinese logistics enterprises, and plays an active role in promoting the matching and common development of logistics accounting and logistics industry.
A user request to implement a secure financial transaction is received and communicated to a web server capable of implementing the transaction. Transaction details signed with a secret key are received from the web server and displayed to the user. The user is requested to confirm the secure financial transaction by providing biometric data. If the user's biometric data is validated, an authentication token is received from a biometric device and the authentication token is communicated to the web server. The web server processes the secure financial transaction if the authentication token is confirmed as a valid authentication token.

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