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Adding liveness detection to the hand geometry scanner.


anti money laundering transaction monitoring

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System and method for implementing push technology in a wireless financial transaction
INTRODUCTION Personal identification is to associate a particular individual with an identity. Identification could be (i) verification: authenticating a claimed identity (Am I who I claim am I?) or (ii) recognition (also sometimes called as "identification"): determining the identity of a given person from a database of persons known to the system (Who am I?). Questions related to the identity of individuals such as "Is this the person who he or she claims to be?", "Has this applicant been here before?", "Should this individual be given access to our system?", etc: are asked millions of times every day by hundreds of thousands of organizations in financial services, health care, electronic commerce, telecommunication, government, etc: The combined annual estimate of the identity fraud in welfare disbursements ( billion) credit card transactions ( billion), cellular phone ( billion), and ATM withdrawals ( billion) totals over billion. Automated identity authentication will
The article reports on the plan of Discover Financial Services to test the Natural Security SAS' hands-free biometrics payment system in Riverwoods, Illinois. It outlines the capabilities of the system, which provides customers with mid-range contactless device that holds the biometric data and links fingerprint reader for authentication. It also notes that the system lets customers to authorize grocery purchases by swiping a finger over a biometric sensor.

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