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Liveness Detection for Fingerprint Scanners Based on the Statistics of Wavelet Signal Processing


bank apply customer due diligence

Author:biometric authentication definition    pii personal data

Keywords:politically exposed persons,    aml customer risk scoring,    post transaction monitoring,    onfido identity verification,    kyc screening tools,  post transaction monitoring


FaceLiveNet: End-to-End Face Verification Networks Combining With Interactive Facial Expression-based Liveness Detection
A system and method for initiating and fulfilling customer-initiated, clerk-assisted, financial services such as check cashing, payday loans, money transfers, and bill payments. The system may include: an input device, a device for reading check MICR information, a storage device, an electronic processor with rules for approving or declining transactions, an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), and an ATM switch. Customers initiate the financial transactions using the input device or an ATM, clerks authenticate the customer and/or the transaction with the input device, the electronic processor approves or declines the transactions, and the transactions are fulfilled by a clerk or an ATM.
Announces the launching of TouchCredit Financial Services' biometric identification software. Keystroke rhythm identification; Voice verification; Prevention of online credit card fraud.

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