[09-17]cybercrime in finance-kyc identification documents



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Author:jumio integration    enhanced due diligence high risk customer

Keywords:anti money laundering policy template uk,    kyc stands for in banking,    account takeover identity theft,    global identity verification,    aml software,  kyc verification time


Banking on biometrics
Biometrics is the technology to identify a user by using the physiological or behavioral characteristics. Among the biometrics such as fingerprint, face, iris, and speaker recognition, fingervein recognition has been widely used in various applications such as door access control, financial security, and user authentication of personal computer, due to its advantages such as small sized and...
Fingerprint authentication systems are widely used in civilian applications and governments. However, current problem is that fingerprints are easy to be imitated by artificial materials. Thus, spoof fingerprint detection has become increasingly significant. To solve the problem, a anti-spoofing mechanism, called FLD (fingerprint liveness detection), is used to discriminate spoof fingerprints from authentic fingerprints. In this paper, a new detection method using the histogram of oriented gradient with gamma correction is proposed. Firstly, gamma correction operation is used to eliminate the effects of poor quality fingerprints due to bad light and high brightness. Next, the sizes of captured images using different sensors are various, so images are zoomed to same scales through a bi-linear difference method. Then, features descriptors are described by the calculation of histogram of oriented gradient of pixels. Normalization operation is performed to remove the influence of abnormal features. Finally, the features representations are fed into SVM classifier with RBF. Experimental results on LivDet 2013 indicate that our method can yield a better classification performance compared with other methods. 2018 Taiwan Academic Network Management Committee. All Rights Reserved.

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