[09-17]synthetic identity generator-verification and identification in biometric system

Time for the banking and financial sector to recognise the benefits of biometrics


synthetic identity fraud

Author:knowledge based authentication    pii in data privacy

Keywords:aml internal controls,    face identifier,    verification kyc,    pii personal data,    cft and aml,  know your client process


Systems and methods for authorizing a transaction for a financial account
This paper accounts the development of a graduate course in biometrics at Purdue University. The course has been developed in conjunction with the inauguration of an applied biometrics research laboratory. The laboratory represents a Purdue-industry partnership through sponsored projects, advisory relationships, and financial support, industry partners assure that the laboratory achieves its potential in preparing students to perform effectively in the quickly evolving biometrics environment. The laboratory also serves as an educational resource for industry.
Since fingerprint data are no secrets but of public nature, the verification data transmitted to a smartcard for oncard-matching need protection by appropriate means in order to assure data origin in the biometric sensor and to prevent bypassing the sensor. For this purpose, the verification data to be transferred to the user smartcard is protected with a cryptographic checksum that is...

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