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Survey on fingerprint liveness detection


kyc & aml

Author:the meaning of kyc    know your client checks

Keywords:online verification service,    aml case,    all about kyc,    national id card verify,    about identity theft,  eidas certification


Methods of face photo-sketch comparison
This paper proposes a method to detect face liveness against video replay attack. The live persons are distinguished from and video reply attack by analyzing the brightness difference on the face and background. By taking photos with/without a flashlight, the brightness differences of the face are compared with the one of the background. The live person and the attack should have different...
The article reports on the voice-based biometric payment and financial transaction processing service offered by Voice Commerce Group in the U.S. The system is the first for voice signatures that incorporates all current standards, including ISO 19029 and European Union certification 1993/93 for digital certificates within the Single European payments Area (SEPA). Meanwhile, the company announces that it has partnered with Nuance Corp. to enable the biometric element of Voice Transact.

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