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Learning Hierarchical Visual Codebook for Iris Liveness Detection


kyc section

Author:enhanced due diligence    solutions to identity theft

Keywords:politically exposed person examples,    corporate kyc,    kyc collect,    aml policy example,    kyc investigation,  pep risk assessment


Effective Technique for Fingerprint Liveness Detection Using Probabilistic Neural Networks
Detecting playback spoofing attacks in speaker verification system is a big challenge. Recent studies on ASVspoof challenges show that replay attacks are the most difficult to recognize. Reasonable...
A biometrics authentication device uses biometrics information for individual authentication, and securely registers biometrics information for an authorized agent other than the principal. Biometrics information for the principal, registered in an IC card, is verified against biometrics information detected by a detection unit, and when biometrics authentication of the principal is satisfactory, biometrics information registration for an authorized agent is performed using the detection unit. Biometrics information for the authorized agent can be registered securely in the card in which is registered the biometrics information for the principal.

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