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Author:biometric security    global kyc standards

Keywords:kyc software,    what pii,    cdd in aml,    verify people's identity,    biometric id verification,  jumio id pass


Biometric Verification Using Predicted Signatures
The invention relates to systems and methods for using a template in the authentication process using biometric data. In one embodiment, a module modifies a template of the reference set of biometric data with the candidate set of biometric data when the user is authenticated. In another embodiment, a module modifies a copy of the template of the reference biometric data with modification data thereby creating a challenge template. The client compares the challenge template to a candidate set of biometric data thereby creating a response vector. A module authenticates the user based on the response vector and the modification data.
A device for facilitating financial account transactions is described which includes a processing unit including a cryptographic processor. The device also includes an input unit, a display unit and a memory device connected to the processing unit. The memory device contains a private cryptographic key, a first data element and a second data element. The processing unit encrypts the first data element using the private cryptographic key and the second data element, modifies the second data element, combines the encrypted first data element and the second data element to generate a single-use financial account identifier, and displays the single-use financial account identifier. This identifier is then transmitted to a central processor for authorization of the transaction. The central processor extracts and decrypts data elements from the transmitted identifier using the private cryptographic key, compares those data elements with data elements stored in a memory, and verifies the single-use financial account identifier in accordance with the comparison.

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