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Implementing Security for Net Banking System using Biometrics


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Multimodal Biometrics Authentication Framework for Banking Systems
In this research, we propose a novel method to determine fingerprint liveness to improve the discriminative behavior and classification accuracy of the combined features. This approach detects if a fingerprint is from a live or fake source. In this approach, fingerprint images are analyzed in the differential excitation (DE) component and the centralized binary pattern (CBP) component, which yield the DE image and CBP image, respectively. The images obtained are used to generate a two-dimensional histogram that is subsequently used as a feature vector. To decide if a fingerprint image is from a live or fake source, the feature vector is processed using support vector machine (SVM) classifiers. To evaluate the performance of the proposed method and compare it to existing approaches, we conducted experiments using the datasets from the 2011 and 2015 Liveness Detection Competition (LivDet), collected from four sensors. The results show that the proposed method gave comparable or even better results and further prove that methods derived from combination of features provide a better performance than existing methods.
Human beings can easily detect a face and can easily say that the person is live or not. In case of computers it is not so easy to detect or decide that the person is live or not. In today's era Face Recognition is done with the help of computers, based on certain Face Recognition techniques. There are various challenges in the field of Face Recognition, Liveness detection is one of them. The implemented techniques that are available for liveness detection are Fingerprint Recognition technique, Skin resistance technique and Optical flow method technique. In our research paper we have carried out a case study on liveness detection using thermal image. In our research paper we have gone through various aspect of thermal imaging.

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