[09-17]enhanced due diligence form-aml checks for banks

System, method, and computer program product for issuing automatic payments linked transaction account


kyc verification documents

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Keywords:face recognition identity verification,    '+id +verification +companies,    biometrics example,    aml transaction,    cdd money laundering,  anti money laundering controls


Citi's Biometrics Tease
A system for managing and reporting financial account activity to detect unauthorized access and prevent fraudulent transactions. The system processes checking and credit activities for a plurality of subscribers and provides notifications to subscribers based on the predetermined conditions and preferred communication options established by the subscribers.
Method and system to centrally monitor the quality of images of financial documents. Embodiments of the present invention can provide a way to monitor and evaluate the quality of images of financial documents stored for remote access by financial institutions. In some embodiments, a standard quality analysis of at least some of the images is performed, and, based on the quality analysis, suspect images are identified to a responsible entity. For at least some of the images, a decisioning result from the responsible entity is recorded in association with information identifying the images. The quality analysis can be applied based on exclusion criteria such as an amount threshold, certain routing information, etc. The suspect images can be identified by sending a quality results file to the responsible entity, and a decisioning result can be received in a decisioning results file.

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