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Face Liveness Detection Based On Multiple Feature Descriptors


define identity fraud

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Fingerprint Liveness detection using probabality density function
RAND conducts research on global issues involving national security, regional stability, defense planning, methodology, tactics, and policy. RAND regularly conducts analysis and makes objective recommendations related to military infrastructure, international security, domestic security, military technology and global stability.
A virtual notary Kiosk is disclosed for performing live electronic personal signatory verification, authentication and screening for the purpose of transacting remote electronic notarizations with live notaries. The virtual notary is a process that is compliant with the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act, and Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. The virtual notary incorporates several electronic components, (digital web cam, electronic signature and thumbprint pad, electronic notary seal, electronic notary journal, video/audio transmission software for cellular/PDA or portable pc device, P.O.S. {point of sale} device, and electronic transaction manager {computer}, electronic scanner/printer, electronic remote notary/client software); all of the aforementioned allow both potential signatory and notary to execute electronic notarizations from remote locations.

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