[09-17]mlro duties-hooyu identity verification

Method and apparatus for binding electronic impressions made by digital identities to documents


Identity Verification Services

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EY Customer Segment Offerings (Financial Services)
A Proximity Locator System for individuals includes a credit card size card which is carried in an individual's wallet. The card is provided with a wireless communication device which is used in conjunction with a locating device to locate an individual. This may be utilized to locate individuals lost at sea, in an avalanche, or under the debris of a fallen building. The communication device on the card may be solar powered or activated by a RF signal from the locator device. The card does not require a battery to power the communication device. Therefore it may be carried by and individual and activated at any time. In this manner it is fully operational when someone is attempting to locate the card. The card also contains a smart chip with vital information about the individual which can be accessed by individuals with different authority levels.
The potential of this market for financial service

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