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2014 – a year in biometrics


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IriTrack: Liveness Detection Using Irises Tracking for Preventing Face Spoofing Attacks
Whilst Touch ID and 'selfie banking' have recently been dominating the headlines in the popular press, readers of Biometric Technology Today won't have missed the news that two of the UK's largest banks (HSBC and Barclays) are now live with voice biometrics solutions for their retail banking customers. The result is that 40C50% of Britain's economically active population are now in scope of some form of voice biometric. And with a 92% increase in telephone banking fraud in 2014C151 it is no longer a question of if but when C and in some cases how quickly C other banks worldwide will follow
An image of a portion of a person's body is accessed, the image having been captured by an image capture device. Using the image, measurements of characteristics in the image are obtained, the characteristics in the image having been selected based on a statistical analysis of characteristics (i) in a plurality of first images taken directly of a person and (ii) in a plurality of second images taken of an image of a person. Based on a liveness function, a score for the image is determined using the obtained measurements of the characteristics in the image. A threshold value is accessed. The score of the image is compared to the accessed threshold value. Based on the comparison of the score of the image to the accessed threshold value, the image is determined to be have been taken by the image capture device imaging the portion of the person's body.

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