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Liveness Detection and Recognition System for Fingerprint Images


cdd questionnaire

Author:the objective of the know your customer guidelines is to    kyc assessment

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Fingerprint Liveness Detection Using Wavelet-Based Completed LBP Descriptor
Embodiments of an electronic business process are described. The process comprises a remittance component for automatically converting paper and electronic remittance and payment data into validated electronic information that is compliant with HIPAA Administrative Simplification standards; an electronic health record component for updating personal and electronic health records of a patient receiving treatment from a health professional; and a dashboard component providing reporting functions to at least one of the patient, the health professional and a payer of fees for the treatment. The remittance component creates a balanced remittance that includes reason and remarks codes as pulled from the payer's explanation of benefits. A comparison of claim to remittance to payment is conducted prior to passing on to the provider's practice management system. The enhanced information is gathered in a centralized database to allow the system to create a remittance that will auto-post into the practice management system at a higher percentage than if only processing the payer's electronic remittance advice without the enhanced information.
Article presents the state of the art problem of comparing photo portrait and the corresponding hand-drawn portrait (sketch). Proposed novel methods of automatic sketch generation. The result of the application of this methods on two popular face database are given. It is shown that for sketch recognition you can use simple system.

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