[09-17]fca identity verification-customer due diligence is an approach taken by the bank to

Method for remote electronic verification and authentication and screening of potential signatories for remote electronic notary transactions via remote PC encrypted platform to a broadband digitally wireless cellular/PDA device or portable PC device


difference between cdd and kyc

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A sample-size-optimal Bayesian procedure for sequential pharmaceutical trials
This project major objective is to gather all the necessary data to analyze and deliver a best analytical reporting platform. This product developed for the analysts is expected to extensively use for insights on the token provisioning and its varied utilization with the banks and merchants. Also to monitor fraudulent occurring patterns and initiate necessary steps to avoid facing any adversities in the future.The reports are generated using the principles supporting descriptive analytics. Using many different KPIs, metrics and scorecards, etc., to support the analysis has given an advantage for better yield. These analytical dashboard has given a deep dive insight for the analysts.This project has been used by many analysts to come to an agreement on different patterns noticed by each individual. Also for the Senior Executives to get a profound understanding of how the widely different tokenization are used and its different attribute wise segregation.
There is tremendous interest in improved methods of reliable and secure identification of people using biometrics. Although, iris is believed to allow very high accuracy, various experiments showed an alarming lack of anti-spoofing mechanisms in devices already protecting many sensitive areas all over the world. This enforces the need for aliveness detection methodology to be quickly introduced. In this paper, all possible types of fake iris has been identified. Previously published work in this field had concentrated only either on active or passive methods for fake iris detection. This has visible shortcomings of detecting only specific types of fake irises corresponding to each method and not of all kinds. This paper proposes a composite method, with promising results, to overcome the shortcomings of existing methods. The FAR and FRR values of the proposed method on realistic database of 160 images are 0.625% and 0.625% respectively. A notable achievement of this work is development of robust iris segmentation algorithm having inherent capability of fake iris detection. Keywords Fake iris detection, anti-spoofing techniques of iris, dynamic iris segmentation, liveliness detection, types of fake irises, fake resistive iris recognition.

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