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The Great 'Intelligence' Fraud.


performing robust client due diligence is essential because

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Integrating Fingerprint Verification into the Smart Card-Based Healthcare Information System
In the search for viable fingerprint liveness detection techniques, one looks for unique characteristics that distinguish the friction ridge skin of a living finger from all other materials that could be made to imitate it. One such characteristic is the perspiration phenomenon, where small openings in the skin called pores, positioned periodically along the ridges, excrete sweat. These pores are often visible in images captured by a fingerprint scanner. This paper proposes an approach to fingerprint liveness detection, where pores are detected and a small region around each pore is analyzed to determine the perspiration activity. Results are presented using the LivDet 2011 and 2013 datasets, showing that the proposed approach is viable as a fingerprint liveness detection approach on its own and improves performance when combined with other liveness detection approaches.
A liveness detection system comprises a controller, a video input, a feature recognition module, and a liveness detection module. The controller is configured to control an output device to provide randomized outputs to an entity over an interval of time. The video input is configured to receive a moving image of the entity captured by a camera over the interval of time. The feature recognition module is configured to process the moving image to detect at least one human feature of the entity. The liveness detection module is configured to compare with the randomized outputs a behaviour exhibited by the detected human feature over the interval of time to determine whether the behaviour is an expected reaction to the randomized outputs, thereby determining whether the entity is a living being.

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