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A Framework for the Adoption of Biometric ATM Authentication in the Kenyan Banks


anti money laundering transaction monitoring

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Fingerprint pore characteristics for liveness detection
As many airports are transitioning away from traditional badging systems into identity management systems (IDMS), due to their ability to improve airport security and customer service while also increasing productivity, this article takes a look at what these systems entail. IDMS are capable of systems integration with an endless number of other systems, such as live scan fingerprint systems, physical access control systems and verification systems. They are also capable of process integration, interfacing with other processes and activities typically found in a security badging office, such as vehicle permits, insurance, visitor badges, and scheduling. IDMS can also offer features not found in badging systems, such as biometric authentication, customized individual user access permissions assignment, and reporting by trusted agents. Changes must be made in terms of management and understanding of what the IDMS technology can provide. The procurement process must be assessed, and staff will need to receive additional customer service training. Stakeholders should be made a part of the process early on.
The South African government has called on MasterCard credit payments systems to help it distribute welfare benefits to millions of people through biometric debit cards. Biometric authentication refers to technologies that measure and analyze human characteristics for authentication purposes. This process is underpinning biometric citizen ID, one of the most rapidly expanding fields in which the application of biometrics. This technology is being applied to innovative financial instruments, such as that developed by MasterCard for the South African market. MasterCard's new biometric smart card makes the international as financial institutions integrate the worlds 2.5 billion unbanked into global financial networks. The body is becoming the site of authentication to access money and to credit.

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