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The Use of Biometrics to Prevent Identity Theft


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Author:identity validation service    aml onboarding

Keywords:identity verification saas,    Identity Verification Services,    jumio age verification,    importance of kyc in banking,    selfie verification,  online identity verification services


Circular Gabor wavelet algorithm for fingerprint liveness detection
In recent years, counterfeiting is posing a serious threat to face recognition based authentication system. Introducing liveness detection into a face-based authentication system can be a good solution to the problem. This paper applied eye region detection and tracking technology to anti-counterfeiting application, and designed an eye region activity based liveness detection system. First, a scale balance and a "face-to-eye" strategy were proposed to fast detect the eye region, and then KLT algorithm was used to track the detected eye region. At last, a random instruction (closing eye, moving to the left or right) was evoked to the user, and the liveness judgment was given according to the results of the users' cooperation. Experiments show that the proposed eye region activity based face liveness detection system is real-time and robust, and can meet the needs of practical applications.
Although multi-modal (e.g. voice and face) biometric verification systems were in active development and showed impressive performance they need to be protected from spoofing attacks. In this paper we

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