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Interactive Face Liveness Detection Based on OpenVINO and Near Infrared Camera


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327 East 84th Street New York NY 10028 Telephone (646) 561-9860 Fax (646)449-0597A White Paper for the Banking and Finance Sector:Converged Biometrics forPhysical andLogicalAccess Control327 East 84th Street New York NY 10028 Telephone (646) 561-9860 Fax (646) 449-0597ConvergedAccessControlOrganizations realize that possession of a key or ID card andtheknowledge of a login and password arethevulnerabilitiesexploited every day. Not knowing WHO possess a valid key, card or login is the root ofphysical and intellectual propertytheftwithannual losses estimated at 0 Billion according to arecentNortonSymantecreport(Study, 2012).XeliosBiometricsConverged BiometricAccess Control system, as part of its Banking AutomatedFingerprint Identification System (BAFIS), solves the problem of end-point intrusion. Fingerprint biometrycannot be lost, stolen or copied and when deployed atdoors and computer terminalsclosestheopportunity formalicious and authorized entry.Organizations are looking for anend-to-end physical and logical access control system federatingsecurity across the enterprise. A single, trusted supplier with a comprehensive and mature authenticationsystem delivers the promise of converged biometric access control. Utilizingadvanced crypto-sensorsand algorithms (AFIS) from the world leader Safran Morpho ensures operational scalability and reliability.Xelios Biometrics'Banking Automated Fingerprint Identification System (BAFIS) isa turnkey biometricauthentication system capable of working with databases of tens and hundreds of millions of user recordsand respond in less than one second.BAFISbrings together internal Bankprocesses such aspasswordmanagement,protection of digital certificatesandphysicalaccess control. It canbe extended to externalapplications such as ATM's, Home-Banking, Customer ID at Tellerandfingerprint enabled POSterminals.Allmodules are integrated into the existingnetwork architecture asan integrated andscalableturnkeysolution.Introduction of XeliosXelios Biometricswasspunout oftheSafran (Sagem Morpho)Conglomeratein 2002 to focus on thecommercial applications of biometrics.Originally developed for the militarythe technologyhas beenintegrated into tailor-made solutions for various industries including banking, healthcare and stadiummanagement.Customers in more than 80 countries rely onthistechnology for identity verification, fraudprevention, and securing access to facilities and equipment.Introduction of SafranThe Safran Group is theglobal leaderof biometric identification technologyhaving produced and soldmore than one million fingerprint devices to date.With more than 62,000 employees, billion in salesandabillionannualR&Dbudget,Safran supplies54% of theAutomatic Fingerprint IdentificationSystems (AFIS)market. Civil, military andlaw enforcementagencies suchas the FBI have relied on thetechnology since 1982 and it continues to be ranked #1 in the NIST fingerprint recognition vendor tests.Gartner Inc.:"Undoubtedly, biometric is the most secure way to authenticate, the most difficult toimitate andduplicate''Diebold:"The real goal of Biometrics is to end the PIN and the card, so no one has anything tosteal''327 East 84th Street New York NY 10028 Telephone (646) 561-9860 Fax (646)449-0597The risk roguebusiness employeespose to the securityof online fraud hasincreasedsignificantly from30 percent ofrespondents citingthis as the cause ofonline fraud to 42percent in 2012.-Ponemon InstituteBusiness Banking Trust Trends2012ReportBanking Automatic Fingerprint Identification Service (BAFIS)SolutionOverview:BAFISis a service for financial institutions and payment systems providers. It providesreal-timebiometricauthentication servicesfor physical and logicalaccess control. Authentication services can beextended to customer facing application such ascard-less ATM banking, online banking and otherapplications to eliminate ID fraud and differentiate from competitors.Installed in Bank's data processing center, BAFIS consists of a turnkey hardware and software solutionwhich contains the fingerprintidentificati
This research introduces a new approach for iris liveness detection based on eye movement's features. Given 50 valid eye frames from real-time video stream, this research identify them as the images that were taken whether directly from humans' eyes or not. Our method ensures the selected images for further processing are eye ones without user's cooperation during the sampling process. In addition, it also controls the application timeout by identifying either fake iris or low quality eye images. In my study, this Research used two features to model eye movements: (1) the width/height ratio of the eye outline and (2) the distance from the pupil center to the eye centroid. In order to model the acquired data distribution, this research used a bag of two-component Gaussian Mixing Models (GMMs). The class label of the acquired data depends on the GMMs which it belongs. The average accuracy of my proposed method on my and IriTech, Inc.'s databases was 94.704% and 100%, respectively. This result indicated that my method can make real-time iris-based systems work automatically with high security.

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