[09-17]onfido document verification-client due diligence meaning

System and method for implementing push technology in a wireless financial transaction


synthetic id

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Keywords:eidas eid,    online id verification service,    ongoing due diligence as part of kyc means,    digital identity fraud,    cdd dan edd,  gdpr request


Perturbing Convolutional Feature Maps with Histogram of Oriented Gradients for Face Liveness Detection
A liveness detection method, wherein at least one image (I) of a segment (1) of human or animal skin is captured by a touchless optical sensor and subjected to an analysis for detecting the perspiration activity of sweat pores. Further disclosed is a device for applying said method, comprising at least a touchless optical sensor for capturing images (I) and an apparatus for detecting sweat pore perspiration activity in at least one of said images (I).
The article reports on the plan of Discover Financial Services to test the Natural Security SAS' hands-free biometrics payment system in Riverwoods, Illinois. It outlines the capabilities of the system, which provides customers with mid-range contactless device that holds the biometric data and links fingerprint reader for authentication. It also notes that the system lets customers to authorize grocery purchases by swiping a finger over a biometric sensor.

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