[10-18]id verification software-customer risk rating model

Comparison of three facebow/semi-adjustable articulator systems for planning orthognathic surgery


kyc risk categories

Author:identity verification saas    anti money laundering due diligence

Keywords:i have been a victim of identity theft,    kyc agreement,    kyc hong kong,    automated kyc verification,    standard due diligence,  kyc verification api


Face liveness detection under bad illumination conditions
In today's computerized society, impostors are gai
The iris pattern has significantly improved the biometric recognition field due to its high level of stability and uniqueness. Such physical feature has played an important role in security and other related areas. However, presentation attacks, also known as spoofing techniques, can be used to bypass the biometric system with artifacts such as printed images, artificial eyes, and textured contact lenses. To improve the security of these systems, many liveness detection methods have been proposed, and the first Internacional Iris Liveness Detection competition was launched in 2013 to evaluate their effectiveness. In this paper, we propose a hyperparameter tuning of the CASIA algorithm, submitted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to the third competition of Iris Liveness Detection, in 2017. The modifications proposed promoted an overall improvement, with an 8.48% Attack Presentation Classification Error Rate (APCER) and 0.18% Bonafide Presentation Classification Error Rate (BPCER) for the evaluation of the combined datasets. Other threshold values were evaluated in an attempt to reduce the trade-off between the APCER and the BPCER on the evaluated datasets and worked out successfully.

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