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Facebook and self-perception: Individual susceptibility to negative social comparison on Facebook


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A Study on a Liveness Detection Method with Relative Templates using 6GHz band and 10GHz band CSRR-BPF
Biometric authentication of a person is highly challenging and complex problem. A significant research effort has gone into this areas and a number of research works were published, Biometrics is a growing technology , which has been widely used in forensics, secured access , prison security, medical, and robotics areas financial services, ecommerce, telecommunication, government, traffic, health care the security issues are more important. Recognizing people by their Ear is relatively new class of biometrics. Several reasons account for this trend: first, ear recognition does not suffer from some problems associated with other non contact biometrics ,such as face recognition; second ,shape and features of ear are unique for each person and invariant with age and structure of the ear is fairly stable and robust to change in facial expressions. It is most promising candidate for combination with the face in the context of multipose face. .In this paper we discuss different methods of Ear detection and recognition
The article discusses the ISO 19092:2008, Financial services--Biometrics--Security framework, the latest biometric standard for financial transactions published by the International Standards Organisation (ISO). The standard describes a security framework for using biometric identification technology within the financial industry. The standard also addresses the issues concerning the application of biometrics. It provides an overview of the authentication applications of biometrics.

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