HORUS is the industry-leading facial recognition engine that fulfills enterprises' essential needs during the KYC (know-your-customer) process. Fraud is pervasive and is often crippling to companies – industries pertaining to wholesale trade, technology, real estate, telecommunication, banking and financial services are especially vulnerable. ADVANCE's HORUS provides four crucial services to minimize fraud cases during business cycles, accelerate business decisions and prevent financial leaks out of the company.

Face Detection

Face Detection is a fundamental pillar of the KYC process that greatly curbs fraud. HORUS is proven to be superior against all top-class face detection systems for Indonesia, trained on extensive database of locals. With an accuracy rate of 99.92% and recall rate of 98.87%, HORUS provides ultimate security solutions for companies where KYC is a critical process.

Face Comparison

Similarly to face detection, HORUS' face comparison is leading the industry with an accuracy rate of 98.63%. HORUS detects and compares human faces from two portraits and returns a similarity ratio, verifying a person's identity and minimizing the possibility for fraudulent identities.

Optical Character Recognition

ADVANCE's optical character recognition (OCR) can locate and distinguish printed text on ID cards and translate that into text in key-value format. This overcomes the menial and time-consuming task of manually cross-validating ID information from large datasets, empowering businesses with speed and reduced costs.

Liveness Detection

Through pinpointing face landmarks and head movement, optical flow and texture analysis, Liveness Detection determines whether or not there is a real person in the live feed instead of a photo, a pre-recorded video or a 3D printed facial mask.