Bank Statement Analyser

ADVANCE Bank Statement Analyser can recognise more than 200 banks’ statement formats with almost 100% accuracy and integrate easily to existing systems. Through categorisation and statistical analysis on the recognised raw data in bank statements, the product generates valuable financial status information for credit scoring and modelling usage. Also, it performs effective fraud detection by analysis on file modification history and correctness of bank balance.

How does ADVANCE Bank Statement Analyser work?

Reading bank statements

Analysing the statistics

Result output

Suggested ADVANCE Bank Statement Analyser workflow
Use scenarios

Income accounting


Other sources of income

Interest earned

Counting expenditure

Daily expenditures

Credit card payments

Measuring financial health


Deposits and withdrawals

What makes ADVANCE Bank Statement Analyser different?

Better assessment of risk

Help the lender assess other liabilities of borrowers, including existing liabilities and recurring payments.

Reduction in costs

The automated analysing process significantly reduces costs in man force comparing with the traditional manual process.


Significantly shorten the turnaround time for the processing of loan applications.

Catering to self-employed users

Help the lender analyses the financial condition of borrowers who lack tax records or paystubs.

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