ADVANCE.AI assesses business risk in a real-time manner and provides banks with risk management solutions for the pre-loan access, post-loan tracking, account protection, credit rating and other scenarios in the credit business. Based on flexible risk management models, we are improving the overall risk management capability of banks and reducing fund and brand losses.

How does ADVANCE.AI benefit banking?

Managing risk across the industry

Deepen insights and comply with regulatory requirements in a cost-effective manner.

Driving secure real-time payments

Protect the secure payment solutions to drive financial inclusion and cashless transactions.

Modernising operations against financial crime

Innovate the management and schemes to tackle potential financial risks and fraud.

Delivering personalised customer experiences

Customise the service and product as client required.

Recommended products and solutions
Use scenarios

Pre-loan scenario

False loan

Intermediary agency fraud

Bad credit

Over credit-committing

Filtering the risk

Help banks verify applications of transactions and reduce risks and capital losses.

Post-loan management scenario

Credit deterioration

Finance deterioration

Overdue prediction

Predicting the risk

Help banks monitor the trading behaviour of borrowers to prevent the credit deterioration risks of borrowers in advance.

Account security scenario

Account theft

Off & hit-the-library attacks

Brute-force attacks

Vulnerability exploitation

Eliminate the risk

Analyse every log-in and registration links of bank accounts to reduce fraud losses and maintain the goodwill of banks.

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