Deployment Options

ADVANCE.AI offers multiple and flexible deployment options, including Software as a Service (SaaS), On-premise software and a hybrid solution that will meet your needs today, and as you grow. Whether the solution infrastructure is a simple web application or a complex set of workloads, ADVANCE.AI can meet the requirements and optimize users' experience.

What are ADVANCE Deployment Options?


ADVANCE.AI offers Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment for financial institutions and enterprises that can save the time of installation, the expense of entry fees or any other costs, and start to experience ADVANCE.AI’s services immediately via cloud-based products.


ADVANCE.AI’s on-premises software deployment provides end-to-end solutions as well as phased adoption solutions. Financial institutions and enterprises can fully manage and control their integrations with external functionality. On-premises software deployment can realise tighter safety control than any other deployment plans.


ADVANCE.AI supplies a hybrid deployment that can open numerous possibilities to run applications—both on-premise and on the cloud — where they fit in the corporate infrastructure.

Choose the ADVANCE Deployment Options that fit well
Sample hybrid deployment options workflow

Reasonable price

Simple negotiation and procurement.
Further discount for more components.

Efficient Implementation

Much fewer integration points.
Minimize implementation time and labour cost.

Training and management

Clear end-to-end explanation.
Efficient knowledge management.

Accuracy and speed

Utilize the best characteristics of each component.
Optimise accuracy and speed.

For customer

Fix the issue via one set of SLA.
Efficiency in spotting bugs.

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