Facial Multi-loan Score

Take a picture and gain your credit score! ADVANCE Facial Multi-loan Score is a private credit scoring and a dependable program system developed by ADVANCE.AI. It eveluates credit scores by using face images and helps financial institutions reduce the risk of default. The core technologies of this product utilise ADVANCE Face Comparison, ADVANCE Liveness Detection and the data from ADVANCE.AI’s services.

Product features

Simple and secure

Based on advanced computer vision technologies and big data service, bringing convenient and reliable user experience to end-users.

Using valuable data

The data that compiles the score covers multiple platforms and hundreds of scenarios, which profiles users’ credit situation more accurately.

Adapting to various scenarios

A high credit score represents a low default rate. It can be adapted to banks, NBFCs, payment companies, and e-commerce industry.

How does ADVANCE Facial Multi-loan Score work?

Capturing the face image

Focus the user ‘s face into the face guidance frame and take a photo.

Detecting fraud

Detect the user’s facial movements to identify whether the user is a real person.

Evaluating probability

Use the face photo as the query and compare samples in the database to evaluate the user’s default probability.

Producing the score

Return the credit score.

Use scenarios

Prevent mortgage fraud

Directly reject users who achieved low scores to apply loans or related financial services.

Ensure the compliance

Set risk management rules based on multi-loan score and features.

Post-loan management

Keep monitoring in the post-loan stage and adjust the credit lines in real time by analysing the risk.

What makes ADVANCE Facial Multi-loan Score different?

Advanced technologies are working for you

Rely on advanced AI and big data technologies, ADVANCE.AI provides customised analysis and solutions that help enterprises make smarter financial decisions and reduce risk.

Keep security be the priority

ADVANCE.AI is trusted by over 500 enterprises worldwide, always considering users’ information security as the first priority.

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