Financial services

ADVANCE.AI's unique combination of informed AI, computer vision, and machine learning, enables reliable and secure verification of remote users while streamlining the onboarding process.

How does ADVANCE.AI benefit financial services?

Convenience in customizing

Create tailored configurations of document verification for banking and financial institutions,and adjust the settings to match the reality of the level of risk.

Reducing operation costs

Purpose-oriented AI technology can automate global onboarding operations.

Advancing upon the digital future

Improve financial services into the instantly-accessible digital services for better user experience.

Recommended products and solutions
Use scenarios

Remote onboarding

Simplify the new account onboarding process rapidly and cost-effectively.

Bank transfer

Customized a seamless, secure, and automatic procedure for the bank transactions.


Prevent fraud and safeguard investors.

High-risk transaction

Protect customer accounts with biometric authentication, which delivers a significantly higher level of digital assurance.

AML/ KYC compliance

Help financial institutions obey stringent AML and KYC compliance obligations.

Credit card application

Prevent credit card fraud and verify identity documents.

Mortgage application

Automate mortgage application processes and prevent the fraud.

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