Fraud Faces

ADVANCE Fraud Faces detects fraud risks in real-time by using a face photo instead of sensitive personal information such as national ID card number, name, or a phone number. The core workflow of this product contains matching submitted face photos against database face images with identity fraud history. The product offers high reliability and efficiency due to its unique advantage in the market.

Product features

Robust anti-fraud process

Combine the sophisticated utilising of OCR and AI-powered face recognition technologies to tackle fraud acts.

Unique database

ADVANCE.AI’s exclusive big data platform offers unique “fraud faces” data.

Simple operation

Use a face photo of the user instead of other sensitive personal information.

How does ADVANCE Fraud Faces work?

Requesting a photo

Load the product App and request a face photo directly from the user.

Searching database

Match the submitted face photo against database face images with identity fraud history.

Result output

Get noticed “pass” or “suspicious fraud face”, and simultaneously shows the relevant historical fraud information .

Use scenarios

Fraud detection

Prevent credit fraud and the risk of fake transactions.

Risk modelling

Fraud Faces database is the exclusive advantage of ADVNACE.AI, and it is unique in the market.

Lending decisions

Fraud record is the most valuable data for loan decisions.

What makes ADVANCE Fraud Faces different?

High quality

Provide reliable data that mined through proprietary big data platform.

High validity

Verify the daily data usage via AI detection and human verification.

Superior accuracy

Face matching model, which trained by millions of face images, achieves over 99% accuracy.

Low latency

Average response time is less than 1 second.

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