ID Card Masking

ADVANCE ID Card Masking is a digital tool for online identity management. It can be used to detect and mask the digits of an identity card number in an identity card image for extra security.

Supported country: India

Product features

High accuracy

Enable to detect low-quality images.

Quick response

Mask the digits quickly and effectively.

Integration with existing systems

Provide a complete solving scheme to implement in various scenarios.

How does ADVANCE ID Card Masking work?

Image input

User uploads an image of an identity card.

Performing masking

System detects the image type and perfroms masking.

User check

User checks the examples of masked and unmasked image.


User confirms the example.

Image output

Output the masked image.

Use scenarios

Masking Aadhaar card

Aadhaar Card is unique to an individual and assigned to every Indian resident citizen which issued by Indian government.

Complying the regulation

Indian government issued a series of mandatory provisions for using identity cards. One of it forbids private companies to store the copy of identity card numbers in their database.

Enhancing the security

Protect resident citizens’ privacy and improve the security due to identity theft frequently occurs in India.

What makes ADVANCE ID Card Masking different?

Higher accuracy, better performance

The cutting-edge technology can achieve 98% of the accuracy on detecting the image.

Improve business efficiency

Save time, money and the manpower on the operational process.

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