Receipt Recognition

ADVANCE Receipt Recognition is an innovative tool that addresses the challenge of automatically extracting information from a receipt. Extracting the data from receipts and converting them to structured documents can serve many applications and services, such as efficient archiving, fast indexing and document analytics.

Product features

Multi-model Detection

Support multiple input format (e.g., image and electronic documents) detections.

Cross-lingual Recognition

Support multiple languages (e.g., English, Vietnamese and Chinese) recognition.

Receipt digitalisation

Transform the data extracted from receipts into a standard format (e.g., JSON and DSV).

How does ADVANCE Receipt Recognition work?

Image input

Input an image of receipt into the system.


Preprocess the image to reduce the noise and improve accuracy.

Text detection

Receipt digitization (OCR) step 1.

Text recognition(OCR)

Receipt digitization (OCR) step 2.

Information extraction

Receipt digitization (OCR) step 3.

Data dump

Convert the extracted information into the required format.

Data output

Output the structured data.

Use scenarios

Automated accounting

Manual computing in daily financial work is a time-consuming process that usually leads to confusions and mistakes. ADVANCE Receipt Recognition digitalises the payment and receiving procedures, improving business efficiency and trading transparency.

Supply chain optimization

In Digital Supply Chain 4.0, it is essential to digitalise trading management. ADVANCE Receipt Recognition assists in dealing with the receipts and invoices quickly and effectively, modernizing the supply chain by AI technology.

What makes ADVANCE Liveness Detection different?

High Accuracy

Key fields accuracy is over 99% due to long-term training.

Low Latency

Response time for each recognition is less than 0.5 second.

High Robustness

Support complicated backgrounds, different lighting conditions and various rotation angles.

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