Smart Retailing

Empower your retail business with ADVANCE Smart Retailing. It brings real-time insights from traditional retail shelves and transfers the retail business into a part of the IoT revolution. The technology can detect the location of products on the shelves, analyse the data that has been collected from shelves, simplify the process of regular inventory check, visualise every aspect of distribution, price, assortment and space of a store. Retailers can check commodity inventory in real-time, analyse the data and optimise products portfolio via our user-friendly web application.

Product features


90%+ classification accuracy which can recognise the individual images as small as 13x13 pixel.

AI matching algorithms

Identify the right location for each commodity automatically based on the brand, price and category .

Intelligent analysis

Shorten the analytic cycle significantly via real-time data gathering.

Sustainable output

Eliminates the error probability of manual operation and contributes to safety and sustainability.

How ADVANCE Smart Retailing work?

Take a photo

Take a photo of commodities.

Upload the photo

Upload the photo to the system.

Extract the data

The system extracts the data from the photo and validates the task.

Visualise the result

Use a rectangle mark to distinguish each commodity and label the SKU name on the top of each rectangle mark.

Output the result

Output a JSON file which contains all the location information of the commodity.

Use scenarios

Store operations

Simplify store operations and maximise store productivity to deliver a consistent shopping experience free from preventable shelf issues such as out of stocks or misplaced products.

Category management

Leverage image recognition technology, in-depth reporting and real-time analytics to uncover at-the-shelf opportunities leading to customer value proposition.

What makes ADVANCE Smart Retailing different?


It requires little manual interference that can optimise and adjust its processes through sheer automation, which maintains reasonable overall decision-making and efficiency without managerial oversight.


With relevant data readily obtainable across all levels, automated systems will be able to take note of trends and help retailers make more accurate choices.


Maximise ROI with data-driven execution scheduling and drive precise merchandising tasks via AI technology.


Maintain quality and stability.

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