Video Identification

ADVANCE Video Identification is a reliable system which utilises the video call as a channel to conduct the identity verification process. It is a significant development in the field of digital identity verification and gives support to financial institutions to create a seamless and smooth customer onboarding journey, and helps them in the prevention of fraud and error checking.

How does ADVANCE Video Identification work?

Documents submission

Start with a video call

Recording the interaction process

Analysing the call record

Suggested ADVANCE Video Identification workflow
Use scenarios

Digital economy


Sharing economy

Peer-to-Peer rental

Smart IoT

Smart home system

Smart buildings

Smart transportation

Banking & NBFCs

Remote onboarding

Insurance claim application

High-risk cash transaction

Digital payment

Online banking

Face to pay

Fraud prevention

Tourist Travel

Hotel check-in/out procedure

Airport check-in/out procedure

Online travel booking

Medical Service

Online prescription request

Insurance fraud prevention

Remote visual inspection

Why ADVANCE Video Identification is different?


Simplify and accelerate the onboarding process of new customers.


Suit to the region where has the regulation to limit the unmanned operation of identity verification.

Anti-fraud capability

Prevent fraud through human operator verification and AI-powered anti-fraud solution(coming soon).

Convenient to integrate

Enable to integrate into an end to end solution for onboarding, identity verification and fraud detection.

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