Advantages and Benifits

ADVANCE’s HORUS grants companies the ability to greatly minimize fraud. HORUS’ features include face detection, comparison, OCR and liveness detection. HORUS is the gatekeeper that prevents fraudsters from disrupting business cycles and expedites validation process and reduces human labor.

Fully localized

Horus is trained from a dataset of 5 million pairs of real Indonesian portraits, tailored to the local market

High accuracy

With a proven accuracy rate of >98%, HORUS is tuned to fit local business requirements, delivering better performance than other competitors.

Real-time response

Whether on SDK, APIs or web-frontend, ADVANCE supports clients in real-time to accelerate business decisions.

Easy to integrate

Horus provides Industrial-standard API’s for engineering integration - no modification needed on the current business flow. ADVANCE provides supplemental serves without any changes to the business landscape

Experienced Research Scientist Team

Horus’ core algorithms were developed by ADVANCE’s data scientist team, whose members come from world well-known face recognition research labs.