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Taking a leap into the AI-enabled future but need support? 
ADVANCE.AI will make your digital transformation journey as painless as possible.
We believe in the power of AI to change the world. Our easy-to use solutions are seamless and efficient, allowing customers a way to identify themselves quickly without compromising on safety. Creating an AI-enabled business workflow has never been easier.

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Helping you and your customers
Seamless onboarding

Our AI-powered biometric system allows easy digital identity verification. Customers can build, use, and manage your own systems using our platform, unlocking the door to fuss free global business opportunities.


With our fully automated solutions, say goodbye to labour intensive paperwork. Our products offer enhanced cognitive insights and advanced AI processing power so you can enjoy higher efficiency, cost savings and the ability to scale. Now you can finally focus on the things that really matter.

Fighting Fraud

Our solutions have been tried and tested by numerous global financial services companies. Our advanced end-to-end intelligent system is optimised to detect fraud and other financial anomalies based on our customers’ needs, delivering the highest level of identity verification required.

Powerful data

Extract data from documents easily with our AI-powered solutions like the machine-learning-based OCR. We will work with you every step of the way – from bespoke algorithms to customised AI applications. No need is too complex – because AI opportunities are worth seizing.

What makes ADVANCE.AI different?

Deep-domain expertise

Backed by a large proprietary of big data platforms and team of top-notch experts, our solutions are not only reliable and efficient, but it also seamlessly integrates into existing systems while maintaining high performance.


Service excellence

Our dedicated customer service team is committed to customer satisfaction. We guarantee a timely response within 48 hours.



We keep clients informed about the latest developments on data usage and risk management through insights sharing from our research, in addition to our technical assistance.

Trusted by over 1000 advanced companies

After using several ADVANCE.AI products like OCR KTP check, Risky Faces and Liveness Detection, the greatest impact was a change to the work procee-faster, more efficient and more optimal. we are very satisfied with the faster and more accurate process of checking and validating our prospective customers, which can support Bank Mega’s digital transformation greatly.


Gunawan Hendrikus

Head of account service department

The Danamart customer verification process was once time consuming and labour intensive. With the quick and easy integration of ADVANCE.AI’s Face Comparison and Liveness Detection solutions into our system, this process became significantly more efficient and took less time. The Credit Scoring and Customized Scoring feature also accelerated our credit risk analysis process, both in terms of time and accuracy.


Darda Pritama

Chief Information Officer

ADVANCE.AI understands our business needs. They are open to new solutions and are patient in their approach. With the help of their services, we were able to improvements to the risk performance of our portfolios, as they utilise data from non-traditional sources. They provided added values ​​for our online portfolios and helped us reduce risk by providing extra predictive power to our modelling.

Home Credit

Matej Urban

Head of Online Underwriting

Our experience with ADVANCE.AI has been very good. We have just started our partnership but the team has adapted to our needs quickly with minimal issues. We've gone live with OCR for PAN, which delivers very high accuracy and a frictionless experience for our customers. Our project to integrate Liveness Detection and other solutions is ongoing, with the ultimate goal to digitalize the customer onboarding process. We are particularly happy with ADVANCE.AI's customer support team as well.


Nayantara Bhargava

Head of Products and New initiatives


Have an expert at your side

The first step to business success is to find a reliable teammate. We want to be your trusted partner. Get in touch and tell us about your requirements. Our team will get back to discuss a free trial and how we can best meet your needs.


As a trusted AI innovator, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the ever-evolving digital world. Here are highlights of our awards and achievements:

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