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A leading big data and AI company in Asia, helping to solve digital transformation, fraud prevention and process automation for enterprise clients. We serve over 1000 clients in sectors like banking, fintech, retail and e-commerce. 

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Helping you and your customers
identification document recognition
contactless identity verification
digital customer onboarding
fighting fraud
Identity document recognition

High accuracy (99%+) OCR (Optical Character Recognition), based on leading computer vision technology, helps you verify the identities of new customers quickly and automatically in a low touch scenario.

Over 99% high accuracy and OCR(Optical Character Recognition) helps to identity document recognition
Contactless identity verification

A mix of cutting-edge intelligent capture, real-time detection, AI and big data service, speed up your work flow, keep your business ahead of the pack.

Contactless identification verification of AI and big data service real-time detection
Digital customer onboarding

The power of biometrics, AI and the latest technologies, assists you to simplify remote customer onboarding and authentication process cost-effectively.

The power of AI and latest terminologies assist to digital customer onbording and authentication process cost-effectively
Fighting Fraud

Reliable self-contained database ADVANCE Guardian, Risky Faces and AI technology are blended together, prevent credit losses and keep fraud away for your business.

Fighting fraud with self-contained database ADVANCE Guardian to prevent credit losses
What makes ADVANCE.AI different?

Deep domain expertise

With the power of machine learning and AI-driven automation, ADVANCE.AI automates identity verification in a quick and efficient way for more customers onboard while guaranteeing the highest accuracy in the industry.


Service excellence

Our devoted service team provides high professionalism for customers, with a prompt response within 48 hours.


Commitment to localization

Our specialized teams for each region are dedicated to offering service within your reach and providing additional help as required.

Trusted by over 1000 advanced companies

After using several ADVANCE.AI products like OCR KTP check, Risky Faces and Liveness Detection, the greatest impact was a change to the work procee-faster, more efficient and more optimal. we are very satisfied with the faster and more accurate process of checking and validating our prospective customers, which can support Bank Mega’s digital transformation greatly.

Bank Mega

Gunawan Hendrikus

Head of account service department

The Danamart customer verification process was once time consuming and labour intensive. With the quick and easy integration of ADVANCE.AI’s Face Comparison and Liveness Detection solutions into our system, this process became significantly more efficient and took less time. The Credit Scoring and Customized Scoring feature also accelerated our credit risk analysis process, both in terms of time and accuracy.


Darda Pritama

Chief Information Officer

ADVANCE.AI understands our business needs. They are open to new solutions and are patient in their approach. With the help of their services, we were able to improvements to the risk performance of our portfolios, as they utilise data from non-traditional sources. They provided added values ​​for our online portfolios and helped us reduce risk by providing extra predictive power to our modelling.

Home Credit

Matej Urban

Head of Online Underwriting

Our experience with ADVANCE.AI has been very good. We have just started our partnership but the team has adapted to our needs quickly with minimal issues. We've gone live with OCR for PAN, which delivers very high accuracy and a frictionless experience for our customers. Our project to integrate Liveness Detection and other solutions is ongoing, with the ultimate goal to digitalize the customer onboarding process. We are particularly happy with ADVANCE.AI's customer support team as well.


Nayantara Bhargava

Head of Products and New initiatives


Pricing plans that go easy on your pocket

From identity verification to score services, our pricing plans have all the features you need for your prosperous business.

From identity verification to score services, our pricing plans have all the features you need for your prosperous business
$1 to achieve 10 times more

$ 1to achieve10times more.

Have an expert at your side

ADVANCE.AI is always on your side to help your business at any time. Our experts will help you understand the way our products can meet the needs of your business, and provide a trial account for you to experience the product solution process in depth.

ADVANCE.AI is always on your side to help your business at any time
We're certified

Realize confidentiality, integrity and availability of information through the implementation of ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 ISMS.

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