Biometric authentication

Biometrics are human physical characteristics that can be used to digitally identify a person to grant access to systems, devices or data. Biometric identifiers include fingerprints, facial patterns, iris, voice or typing cadence. Each of these identifiers is considered unique to the individual, and they may be used in combination to ensure greater identification accuracy. The usage of biometrics in identity authentication enhances security significantly, especially when users confront sophisticated identity theft and fraud acts.

How does Biometric authentication work?

Using ADVANCE Digital Identity Verification – Identity theft, digital fraud, and other cybercrimes pose risks for digital businesses. ADVANCE.AI provides enterprise-level AI-powered solutions combined with independently developed biometric technology, improving authenticity and ensuring the identity verification process is effective and secure.

Unified access through apps (iOS & Android) or the website

Only using a selfie or required facial movements

Distinguishing live persons from presentation via Liveness Detection

Checking the identity via Face Comparison

Why is Biometric authentication different?

Guaranteeing high-standard security

Provide more secured verification than the traditional way of simply using passwords.


Protecting user's privacy and ensuring effectiveness

Process effective and secure verification in a user-friendly way.


Simplifying the procedures

Take only a few seconds to finish the whole verification process and achieve a highly accurate authentication result.


Strong adaptability

It is flexible and versatile as it can be applied to different anti-fraud demands in various industries.


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