Digtial Onboarding

The combination of the seamless customer experience and the strong identity verification defines outstanding digital onboarding. It is a key point for detecting and preventing fraud while keeping new users increasing in number. However, a complex verification may lead to a failure in new account onboarding. Luckily, ADVANCE AI's solutions bring both the facilitation in user experience and security to reality during this process.

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How does Digital onboarding work?

Using ADVANCE Digital Identity Verification – A bank has improved customer's experience with the self-serve, intelligent authentication process that integrated with the existing CRM and document management systems and reduced the onboarding time to just a few minutes.

Unified access through apps (iOS & Android) or the website.

Adding document verification and biometrics identification.

Distinguishing live persons from presentation attacks via Liveness Detection.

Checking the identity via Face Comparison.

Why Digital onboarding is different?

Onboarding new users with better user experience

Define authentication steps with ease and make it simple for new customers to quickly provide the relevant identity information.


Tailored onboarding for different businesses

Provide customised onboarding workflow for different business demands, and offer a free trial.


Guaranteed onboarding security

Our sophisticated AI-powered recognition technology and proprietary data service process incoming data quickly and accurately while effectively protecting against stolen identities or impersonation.


Complied onboarding regulations

Comply with the strict requirements for both Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance.


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It's time for a shift in the customer onboarding experience. Deliver stand-out experiences to you and your customer at every step, with ADVANCE intelligence. Our experts are there for you!

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