ADVANCE.AI is a leading AI and big data company in Asia
ADVANCE.AI is a leading AI and big data company in Asia
Deploying for the fraud detection

Digital fraud has been one of the fastest-growing fraudulent acts worldwide. In this case, the ever-evolving and effective identity verification and authentication have become a pivot for the security of enterprises with digital business, protecting the customers from frauds and guarding enterprises against the potential risks.

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How does the fraud detection work?

Using ADVANCE Digital Identity Verification – Tackling fraud from the very beginning by undergoing the AI-powered identification process and big data service, ensuring the authenticity of the user and the provided ID documents, as well as the credit status of the user.

Unified access through apps (iOS & Android) or the website

Adding document verification and biometrics identification

Ensuring the authenticity of the applicant via Liveness Detection and Face Comparison

Checking the suspicious and risky history of the applicant via Face Search and Fraud Faces

Fraud Detection
Fraud Detection
Fraud Detection
Suggested ADVANCE Digital Identity Verification workflow
Use scenarios

Why is deploying the fraud detection important?

Fighting identity fraud with AI technology and data analytics

A sophisticated blend of AI-powered recognition technology and big data service secures the verification process.

Fighting fraud from various perspectives

Process ID documents verification and biometrics authentication simultaneously to meet the regulatory requirements.

Fitting into different scenarios

Capture available data types across departments or channels and incorporate them into the analytical process.

Guaranteeing effectiveness

Process adequate verification in a user-friendly way.

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Fraud Detection Fraud Detection
Fraud Detection Fraud Detection
Fraud Detection Fraud Detection
Fraud Detection
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Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection