ADVANCE.AI is a leading AI and big data company in Asia
ADVANCE.AI is a leading AI and big data company in Asia

Phishing, sharing and reuse are common issues when relying on passwords. The prevalent use of passwordless authentication reduces the hacking risk of identity verification systems effectively and improves both user experience and business productivity.

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How does ADVANCE Passwordless work?

Using ADVANCE Digital Identity Verification – A financial institution has improved the customer's experience with verifying users' identities based on "biometric" such as fingerprint, face, retina, or "personalised factor" such as a one-time password generator, a registered mobile device, a signature – without the use of passwords or any other memorised secret.

Unified access through apps (iOS & Android) or the website.

Adding document verification and biometrics identification.

Distinguishing live persons from presentation attacks via Liveness Detection.

Analysing the identity via Face Comparison.

Suggested ADVANCE Digital Identity Verification workflow
Use scenarios

Why ADVANCE Passwordless is different?

Making it simple

Passwordless authentication streamlines the authentication process for customers.

Better security

User-controlled passwords are vulnerable to hacking and leading to attacks such as credential stuffing, account takeover and brute force attack.


The AI-powered passwordless authentication workflow system is convenient to integrate into existing systems.

Fitting into different scenarios

An easy-to-use interface that can be customised for different authentication requirements of various industries to smooth the user experience.

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