Fraud Intelligence

ADVANCE Fraud Intelligence facilitates the planning of risk management strategy. It generates fraud intelligence by monitoring, collecting and analysing the fraudulent behaviours on the network and assists in offering practical and successful solutions of preventing fraud, achieving compliance, and preserving security.

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Old school fraud detection

Improving fraud detection with models and rules

A single static rule system is usually limited by fixed thresholds, but a machine-learning system can understand the change of the ideal value for threshold from the data and adapt. Although machine learning has delivered a considerable upgrade to fraud detection systems, it doesn’t mean you should give up using rules completely. An effective anti-fraud strategy should incorporate the benefits of machine learning technology and still include some rules that make sense.

How does ADVANCE Fraud Intelligence work ?
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    Gathering finance-related information

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    Analysing applicant's online behaviour

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    Calculating the real-time rate of fraud

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    Discovering the similarity

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    Session tracking

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    Entity dynamic analysis

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    Creating a derived network

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  • Gathering finance-related information

    Gather information from transactions, orders and banking status to predict fraud.

  • Analysing applicant's online behaviour

    Analyse applicant's behaviour such as ordering time and browsing time on the website.

  • Calculating the real-time rate of fraud

    Give the real-time rate of fraud via categorical data. It is particularly beneficial for market expansion.

  • Discovering the similarity

    Compare the similarity of a customer's individual information today with the past.

  • Session tracking

    Extract and record genuine customer behaviour when making payments.

  • Entity dynamic analysis

    Analyse entity-related information to alert fraud attack. For example, analyse the orders' quantity of a specific IP-address.

  • Creating a derived network

    Build a derived network to enhance customer data, and enables its users to manage high-risk transactions, share data, and gain intelligence from fraud analysis.

Using ADVANCE Big Data to improve fraud detection

AI-based data collection











Combining AI-powered technologies of text analytics, machine learning, predictive analytics, data mining, statistics and natural language processing, it offers a strong and reliable data-driven solution to prevent fraud.

Which countries are using ADVANCE Fraud Intelligence?
Use scenarios
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Customer acquisition

Improve profitability while decreasing costs.

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Customer management

Provide a suitable product and service to customers with different business purposes.

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Risk management

Enhance decision-making process and optimise portfolio management and risk decisions.

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Fraud prevention

Prevent fraud attack and monitor fraud trends.

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Debt collection

Reduce debt recovery cost and maximise the returns.

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Telco credit evaluation

Evaluate credit status based on telecom behaviour.

What makes ADVANCE Fraud Intelligence different?

Mass database

ADVANCE.AI's cross-platform database provides risk prediction from multiple dimensions for various business scenarios.


Reliable technology

ADVANCE AI's big data service provides stable data resources and reliable data analysis to assist in risk management.


High coverage

Provide data-driven technical support to various industries and optimise user experiences based on the business requirements of Southeast Asian users.


Professional team support

Professional expertise is offered to customers from our top experts.


Let’s talk

Start the conversation with our team. We're always happy to help.

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