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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers and general information quickly about the ADVANCE.AI's products and solutions.

ADVANCE ID Document Recognition

How can I secure my ID card image?

On a private bucket.

What kind of images should I be uploading?

Image format should be one of jpeg/jpg/png.

Max image size should be less than 2M, and image dimension should be between 256 * 256 pixels and 4096 * 4096 pixels.

Does the comma of an Indian name be recognised by ADVANCE OCR technology?

Yes, it can be recognised as long as the quality of the image/KTP is acceptable. Otherwise, recognition might be affected.

The comma (,) and the full stop(.) may not be distinguished

Due to the bad printing quality of KTP, if the client wants to compare the OCR result with the actual name of a customer, it is recommended for the client to remove spaces and special characters before doing so.

What kind of documents can be scanned by ADVANCE OCR in the Philippines?




What kind of documents can be scanned by ADVANCE OCR in India?



What kind of documents can be scanned by ADVANCE OCR in Vietnam?



What kind of documents can be scanned by ADVANCE OCR in Singapore?


ADVANCE Face Comparison

Can we only deploy ADVANCE Face Comparison instead of the full-featured solution?

Yes, you can. However, Face Comparison is to determine whether the two faces are from the same person, so you cannot prevent fraud cases with only ADVANCE Face Comparison. One typical example is that a fraudster uses two photos of another person.We advise using the Face Comparison service after Liveness Detection to prevent fraud cases better.

Does the service need to compare the image from ADVANCE Liveness Detection with the selfie photo and ID card image?


Why ADVANCE Face Comparison API returns a list?

The API supports comparing multiple faces against one face; that is why a list is returned.

ADVANCE Liveness Detection

Are the SDKs of ADVANCE Liveness Detection and ADVANCE Face Comparison provided?

Liveness is using SDK. Face comparison happens on the server-side in the form of an API query.

Does the SDK for iOS support Objective-C?

Yes, our iOS SDK is written in Objective-C.

Does the SDK support React Native?

Yes, we have React Native SDK.

Does the SDK support Flutter?

Yes, we support Flutter.

After SDK process, what size of the image will be sent to anti-spoofing API?

The image size is 300 * 300 pixels, and usually, the file size is around 100k.

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