Face Comparison

ADVANCE Face Comparison is a system that can calculate the similarity of two face images and verify if two faces are from the same person and help enterprises to validate the identities of end-users. It is trained by more than 2 million face images of Southeast Asian and Indian to improve the accuracy of the digital identity verification process. It has been tailor-made for five markets: Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Product features

Is this the same person?

Check the similarity between two face images to determine whether it belongs to the same person.

Capable of comparing a selfie with the face image from an ID card

Validate the identities of end-users. (aka e-KYC)

Capable of detecting low-quality photos

The robust algorithm can mitigate the impact of image damage.

Adapting to various scenarios

Perform well in the weak lighting condition and support to take the photo with headdress.

How does ADVANCE Face Comparison work?

ID Document


Live face



Recognition successful

Use scenarios

Face photo vs. face image

Compare a person’s face photo with the face image from the ID card to determine whether they are from the same person or not.

Face-based identity verification

Face-based identity verification can be adapted to various scenarios. It is widely used in the risk management of the financial industry, e-commerce, and online services of the government.

Preventing the attack of “fake face”

Utilise AI-powered face comparison technology to fight fraud is a safe and reliable choice for modern business.

What makes ADVANCE Face Comparison different?

Tailored service

Develop customisable solutions to meet the requirements of the Southeast Asian and Indian market.

Advanced algorithm with AI technology

Use more than 2 million face images of Southeast Asian and Indian for model training.

Higher accuracy, better performance

The cutting-edge technology can achieve over 95% accuracy.

More reliable, lower cost

The high-end automation process can help reduce the cost and save manpower.

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