Digital Identity Verification

ADVANCE.AI Digital Identity Verification solution enables clients to conduct identity verification and fraud prevention remotely and digitally in numerous scenarios, which facilitates manpower minimizing, business hour limitation lifting, and efficiency improvement for various industries.

How does ADVANCE Digital Identity Verification work?

With the in-house capabilities of computer vision and natural language processing, ADVANCE.AI persistently explores and improves the digital identity verification components including but not limited to ID Document Verification, Liveness Detection, Face Comparison and biometric anti-fraud technologies.

ID Document Recognition

Identity Check

Liveness Detection

Face Comparison

Suggested ADVANCE Digital Identity Verification workflow
ID Document Recognition vs Pass Reject Face database Live face Live face ID photo Action video Real identity Recognition success Scan ID document Liveness Detection Face Comparison Identity Check Risky Faces Result
Use scenarios


New account opening 

Mobile payment

Age verification

Sharing Economy

Ride sharing

House sharing

Peer-to-Peer rental

Smart IoT

Smart home system

Smart buildings

Smart transportation


Remote user onboarding

Bank transfer

High-risk cash transaction

Tourist Travel

Hotel check-in/out procedure

Airport check-in/out procedure

Online travel booking 

Online Payment


Payment fraud prevention

Medical Service

Online prescription request

Insurance fraud prevention

Why ADVANCE Digital Identity Verification is different?

Understanding the market needs comprehensively, ADVANCE.AI focuses on R&D persistently to advance Digital Identity Verification products with its in-house computer vision and natural language processing.

Updating data in real-time

Our sophisticated in-house R&D team is persistently optimizing data models’ performance.

High accuracy

The AI algorithm was tested by more than 2 million Southeast Asian and Indian users and can meet detailed business requirements with high accuracy.

Full-featured solution

It is a collection of services that includes identity verification, fraud detection and credit scoring.

Convenience for integration

SDK and API are available for effortless integration.

Multi-national coverage

Support multi-national markets, including Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore.

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