Liveness Detection

ADVANCE.AI Liveness Detection is used to distinguish digital representations of a user's face, between a live image, a 2D printed or a video clip by checking the live person's facial movements. It is widely used in various industries to verify the identities of their customers. This advanced facial recognition technology has been tailor-made for five markets, including Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Product features

Is this a real person?

Define whether it is a live person or not.

Is it a live image or a pre-recorded video?

Examine the digital representations of the user's face to determine whether it is a live image or a video clip to prevent fraud.

Detecting "Flat Image"

Detect Flat Image via AI technology.

Identifying natural facial movements

Analyse three movements, including head movement, eye blinking, and mouth opening to determine liveness.

Facial movement recognition

Detect liveness by using AI facial movement technology.

How does ADVANCE Liveness Detection work?

Face close to the screen

Open your mouth and then close

Turn head left or right

Verification done

Use scenarios

Face biometric authentication

Verify that the user is the specific real person by detecting the simple facial movements.

Remote customer onboarding

Reach your customer via an automatic process.

Biometrics-based device login

Allow people to log in a device by identifying and authenticating their biometric data, which are unique and specific to them.

Physical access systems

Replace traditional security systems, such as keycard readers, with systems that can allow access based on facial movements and face images.

What makes ADVANCE Liveness Detection different?

Excellent business performance

Reduce default loan rate to 2%.

Higher efficiency

Require just three simple facial movements for liveness testing.

Lower cost

Eliminate the cost of manpower by AI technology.

Customisable UI

Fit existing Apps quickly and effectively due to the flexible user interface design.

SDK only 2MB

Safety and reliability are attributable to the strict in-house coding methodology and standard.

Multiple languages support

Support Chinese, English, Indonesian and Vietnamese.

Better performance

Perform well on low-end cell phones.

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