ID Document Recognition

ADVANCE ID Document Recognition is a functional product that can recognise various ID documents and receipts by the high accurate Document Identity Verification technology. It can either integrate into an identity verification solution or deploy alone and address challenges of verifying ID documents and automatically extracting information. It has been tailor-made for six countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore (only for recognising receipts ) and India.

Product features

Intelligent information capture

Extracting the data from ID documents and receipts, and then converting them to structured documents ,which serves different many applications and services.

Supporting multiple scenarios

The AI model is trained by a localised set of images to ensure accuracy in various scenarios.

Automatic correction

High-robustness technology corrects the orientation, skewness, and rotation of images automatically.

Supporting complex scenes

Adopt image pre-processing before the recognition process to ensure the clarity of captured images in a complex environment or the weak lighting condition.

Convenience for integration

SDK and API are available for effortless integration. The products can be customised and integrated easily to existing systems.

Specialised Asian ID card recognition
Indonesia KTP Recognition
Indonesia Family Card(KK)
Indonesia NPWP
Indonesia Passport
India PAN Card
Philippines UMID
Philippines SSS
Philippines TIN
Philippines Passport
Vietnam CMND
Vietnam CCCD
How does ADVANCE ID Document Recognition work?
Replacingmanual input ADVANCE ID Document Recognition ID Photo guidanceframe Image qualitydetection Photo taken Recognitionsuccessful vs ID face image Live face Data input Recognitionresult ADVANCE Face Comparison
Use scenarios


Account validation

Fraud detection and prevention

Mobile payment

Banking & Finance

Digital banking

Online loans

Branchless challenge banks

Account establishment


Border control

Access control

ID validation and authorisation

Digital traffic police


Car dealers

Airline business


Hotels / Rooms



Age detection

Visitor management

Residential access control

Event registration

E-registration system of students

What makes ADVANCE ID Document Recognition different?

High accuracy

The accuracy is over 99% due to long-term training by massive localised data from Southeast Asia and India.

Low latency

Response time for each transaction is less than 1 second.

High concurrency

Support high QPS with autoscaling (50M+ accumulated API calls).

High robustness

Support complicated backgrounds, different lighting conditions, various rotation angles (90°, 180° & 270°).

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