Sharing economy

Powered by advanced AI technology and robust database, ADVANCE AI’s products and solutions are able to help end-users, and business providers in Southeast Asia and India create trust and safety in the sharing economy.

How does ADVANCE.AI benefit sharing economy?

Creating community trust and safety

ADVANCE AI’s AI-driven identity verification solutions instil trust and safety in the business ecosystem.


Detering fraud

Help online businesses of all types detect and deter cybercriminals from using fake or fraudulent identification credentials.


Decreasing abandonment rates

Create fast and effortless checkout experiences and minimize the likelihood that users will abandon the payment before the transaction is completed.

Recommended products and solutions
Use scenarios
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Ride sharing

Protect riders by ensuring the identity of drivers.

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Apartment/House sharing

Build trust and safety through verified ID programs for houseowners and guests.

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Online marketplaces

Build a more credible, trustworthy reselling environment by establishing a trusted identity among buyers and sellers.

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Create a safe and secure workplace with identity verification for coworking environments.


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