ADVANCE.AI launched comprehensive risk management systems, including Digital Identity Verification solution, fraud detection and scoring services that helps payment companies avoid risks such as account theft and online fraud effectively. ADVANCE.AI provides multi-platform detection as well.

How does ADVANCE.AI benefit payment?

Modernise real-time payment

Deliver on trust and create better experiences for new-generation online payment service.

Combat money laundering and cashing

ADVANCE.AI is trusted by over 1000 enterprises worldwide and devoted to driving financial inclusion and cashless transactions.

Recommended products and solutions
Use scenarios

Confirm users’ identities

Keep account security and ensure the user is the real person and the rightful owner of the account owner.

Safeguard online transaction

Eliminate fake transactions and other scams via 24/7 anti-fraud monitoring and detecting.

Analyse users’ credit reputation

Help business in compliance and become more securely.

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