Internet of Things (IoT)

ADVANCE.AI has a strong track record of patenting innovation and sophisticated experiences in AI technologies and data-driven business. By composing and extending software and solutions, connecting devices and sensors, ADVANCE.AI gives support to various sectors for the intelligent transformation, and it is dedicated to building a new ecology for IoT with a win-win mindset.

How does ADVANCE.AI benefit the Internet of Things?

Managing risk across the industry

Comply with regulatory requirements and prevent fraud intelligently and cost-effectively.


Visualising the line of business

Provide an AI-driven visualisable analytics service for business.


Increasing productivity

Streamline and automate the manufacturing processes via internet connectivity.


Reimagining the geographical space

Break the limit of geographical space to meet ever-changing business needs.


Delivering personalised experiences

Customise the service and product as client required.

Recommended products and solutions
Use scenarios
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Smart city

Realise comprehensive intelligent management to a city via building an integrated deep learning system for citywide coordination.

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Smart transportation

Realise 24/7 independent traffic monitoring, accident reporting mechanism, and the intertwining of ICT with driverless automobiles.

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Smart manufacturing

Generate substantial economic benefits; reduce the labour cost.


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